Friday, March 9, 2007

It's falling from the sky!

Found these statistics:

Number of Mig-21 crashes between April 1992 and March 2002 --- 102
Number of Mig-21 crashes between Oct 1963 and August 2003 --- 315


So we lost 315 of these aircraft in 40 years? Thats an average of around 8 aircraft per year! Lately the average has accelerated to 10 per year! Made me wonder how many were in service to begin with. As per this site:

the total number is 910. The crash rate is there fore 35% of all aircraft that served in the IAF. Of these only 1, exactly 1 was lost in combat(as per the same site).

It isn't as if the term "flying coffin" was invented over night. Even in the parliament questions have been raised around these crashes:

"MIG accidents
Will the Minister of DEFENCE be
pleased to state:
(a) how many MIG-21 aircrafts have
met with accidents during the last three
(b) what were the causes of these
(c) whether any inquiry committee was
appointed to find out the various reasons
therefor; and
(d) if so, the details thereof?"

List of Questions for WRITTEN ANSWERS
to be asked at a sitting of the Rajya Sabha to be held on
Wednesday, the December 14, 2005/Agrahayana 23, 1927 (Saka)


I was not able to find the defence minister's answer to this question on the web.

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